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Brochures act as informative guides and sales-directed material often used in product launches, open houses, property shows, seminars and other events across all sectors and businesses. Showcase your corporate story and essential information through infographics printed on our wide range of media substrates like art cards and fancy stocks. Organise your information with folds and panels (Z folds, C folds, Half folds & 4 Panel folds) for a sleek presentation. Well-structured content is critical to reflect professionalism and in turn, generate leads and prospects. Choose to further enhance appeal to your target audience by adding die-cut shapes. Top it off with matte or gloss lamination to give an extra touch and you’re good to go. Looking for more? Our printers are also capable of printing on special paper substrates up to a metre of length which is more than sufficient for brochures with bolder purposes.

Make A Copy believes strongly in the business of people. Our decades of experience signifies our commitment towards delivering excellent customer service and exceptional products. The vast industry knowledge coupled with to-date equipment upgrades enable us to handle high volume jobs with ease. We are dedicated to serving SMEs, major corporations, government entities and individuals.

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