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Durable, bold and unmissable. Visibility is victory.

Large format products are vital for exhibitions, seminars, road shows, retail storefronts or any business entities requiring a larger scale of visibility. Promotional boards and banners are hard to miss especially sizable ones which also serve as excellent sales equipment for locations with consistent human traffic. Standees on the other hand serve as a quick reference for passers-by and customers in this era of short attention span while posters usually portray promotional benefits and used to spur creativity, motivation at the workplace or heighten safety awareness in hazardous environments.

Our products are highly portable, durable and can be transported with minimal wear and tear. We use non-paper, synthetic materials mostly to achieve tear-resistant and waterproofing qualities. Matte and gloss lamination are applicable for stands, posters and foam boards for better protection.

Make A Copy believes strongly in the business of people. Our decades of experience signifies our commitment towards delivering excellent customer service and exceptional products. The vast industry knowledge coupled with to-date equipment upgrades enable us to handle high volume jobs with ease. We are dedicated to serve SMEs, major corporations, government entities and individuals.

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